Standing in the Flow

Eternal Dreamer, Dreaming
SatRealism approaches Art and the Art of Life. It is the life longs – yet timeless journey of becoming: to truly know thy-self and to experience “true-self”. SatRealists – though our gait may differ, journey together to the space where we “face ourselves”. We face the truth of who and what we are as Eternal Beings, of who and what we are in our daily human existence, and the space where the two meet. Those who travel here know that at this source the water soothes. Our art is the result of our travels and the cause for journey.

The Modern Mind – as it illuminates Modernity is a brilliant measure of the temporal itself, bound to the time track, always fleeting backto its next place to be. It’s natural end is apparent – even as some attempt to “Re-Modernize” it. We have wrung it of its last drop and now polish the mirror with a dry sponge. To proclaim “Art is dead! – God is dead!” is for those whose eyes have dried and lost their vision.
Is their anywhere un-treaded that is left to go?

SatRealists dwell in that sacred space – expanding our hearts and widening the spectrum. . .we stand in the flow – creating & opening, we see beyond time, beyond mind and supersede the time-track bound Post-Modernism. SatRealists raise forever upwards and onwards above all constraints. The fundamental of the Movement is saturation of this landscape with Soul – with our hue, our Divine self. That portrait of infinite wondrous possibilities. The meandering paths vibrant with color are but a sense and a scent that we follow and we create. To see into it – to see your guide, your unwavering guide, into and through the illusion. To that place where we see the clear, where the answers arrive to shore without vessel, and where consciousness is the sea. . . and we are but a drop.. . polished by the light till ethereal and the fog of the human consciousness is lifted.

It is here we attain the sustainment of they punctuations of life’s journey – joy and love. SatRealism is the “more-real”, the True Realism. Founded on the vital sounding of and communications with the Heart. We all have a limitless Eternal side which we can connect with to receive the guidance needed to walk through this maze of illusion – through all the untruth. We are guided by love but are not naive. Naïveté with all its fancy marks can not stand with the simple Truth. The complexities of knowledge
wain by the genius of innocence.

The fertile soil and seed that remains constricted awaits its drop of rain. A single drop of rain is enough – or shall we say, a drop of faith. Open your Heart – abundance will surely follow. Walk with us! To this cause: more light, more love, more Truth. Art inspired by the SatReal. Recognize that thou Art already there.

Written by Delmon Brown Hall IV

Spoken Word Version by Bart Lanman


SatRealism is…

Delamus Scribble

SatRealism is the childlike awe of form. It is reverence to a medium. It is gratitude to our capacity to witness the birth of composition. SatRealism gives us the ability to play in our own aesthetic. . . and share our color. SatRealism is the sheer joy of knowing that we can reach beyond ourselves into our very essence. SatRealist’s bathe in the depths of perception and bask in the drawing together of community. As SatRealists we are in it as it comes together. As SatRealists we believe it’s not how the mark comes together, it is merely that is does.  SatRealists believe in this dynamic of Beauty and wish in all our endeavors to uncover it and portray it.  We look for the Light as it manifests and listen for the Truth in its harmony. This is not a dream. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. This is not abstraction. This is SatRealism.

Words and Art Scribbled by Bart Lanman

Welcome to SatRealism!

Welcome to SatRealism! We are glad you have answered the call and decided to walk with us on our mission to bring more Light, Love and Truth into the world with our Art.


SatRealism is a group of artists working in all mediums who are bound by one common thread, although “cord” might be more fitting as it is the fulcrum point to the quality of all life and existence. It is the belief that an open heart is the key to everything – art, life, joy, wisdom, freedom, prosperity, harmony, balance and on and on. When your heart is open you can hear the voice of the Divine in all it’s wonderful ways speaking in your life. When you have this guidance and Love there is nothing you cannot do. “Open your heart and abundance will follow!” Quite simply….making art opens our heart. We do what we do for the love of it and as a result of this, we and those who come in contact with it, benefit. When something is motivated by or done with Love – it is felt. It truly makes a difference.

SatRealism is also a testimony through art to the life-giving sustaining love that God has for us and our gratitude for it. When our hearts are open we can see the beauty of this Love in it’s many manifestations all around us. We look to connect with and portray them. SatRealist art is a celebration of this sacred and personal connection, only made possible by an open heart. We feel that everyone is blessed with the opportunity for this and as SatRealists we seek to amplify it. Our art is an expression of some aspect or fruit of this relationship – there are many. We will all experience this in different ways and thus our art will not, nor should not all look the same – It must though be a reflection of the Singular – a result of drawing nigh. With variants in medium, approach, and subject matter our overarching vision must still be harmonious for the Movement to endure. The lack of which eventually broke apart the Impressionists.

During our creative process we find ourselves in that “spot” where things are clearer, where time seems to slow or even stop and we feel more connected to the source. It is here, in the presence of the voice of the Divine, in the mighty flow of the river of life that we find ourselves at home. It matters not if we are painting, drawing, sculpting, taking a photograph, composing music or any of many other creative expressions. What unites us is the process of opening our hearts, connecting to and letting it flow. It is about opening ourselves up to something greater and the joy of letting it move through us.

This is not religion. This is not philosophy. This is not science. This is not psychology. This is not politics. This is Art. This is the most creative and ubiquitous of compositions – Love. This is SatRealism. This is a group of artists who believe in God and create for the pure love and child-like joy of it.

As a SatRealist, we encourage you to go farther with finding and expressing your mark, developing an even deeper understanding of what it means to be a SatRealist, aligning yourself even stronger with the Source during your creative process and getting more involved with the Movement. It is together that we will all move upwards and onwards exponentially, all the while walking our own path.

Our humble group of artists will grow and have an enormous effect on the world of visual art, music and literature. This is no joke – inspire yourself with some historical context. People will ask us “who are we to think we can start a movement” We say.. “who are we not to..” we’ve done it. The time is NOW. The world is ready. SatRealism is the only way to transcend Modernism and it will do exactly that by aligning itself closer to the source, thus removing itself from the time-track that the latter is bound.

We are excited you have decided to walk with us and help write the future history of art. At the same time helping to displace fear and hate with love and compassion. What an amazing thing to be a part of! We are glad you have decided to partake of this blessing with us and are truly honored you have chosen to add your talents to the mix.                 We are most fortunate.

As a gesture of commitment we ask that you add a SatRealism page to your website. On it add a link to and for now publish the definitions of SatRealism and SatRealist as currently on the SatRealism website. Thank you, stay tuned, and Welcome…

With the deepest reverence for your participation,